Principal’s Message

Dear École Arthur Pechey Public School Students and Families,


The 2019-2020 school year has finally arrived! We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of our families, both those who are returning as well as those who are new to our school community. We look forward to building on our existing relationships and forming new relationships as we work together to provide our students with the absolute best school and educational experience possible.


We believe that all students have the ability to achieve their human and academic potential. We remain steadfast in our continued commitment to academic excellence, innovative practices, school safety, and inclusive education. We know that we will achieve our goals through the engagement and empowerment of the entire school community: students, staff, parents, and guardians. Each one of us connected to this school is a critical part of the school community and has the opportunity and the responsibility to have a positive impact. We are proud of our achievements and grateful for our school community.


We want parents and guardians to know that they are welcome here. We place high value on our partnership with you and we invite you to take an active part in helping students to achieve their full potential. Stay connected through School Messenger, phone calls, digital platforms such as Seesaw and Class Dojo, or just come on in to the school! You will notice many opportunities over the course of the year to join us for family events and activities such as our Identity Day Meet the Staff morning (September 25th), our sporting events, Movie Nights, Literacy Events, School Community Council meetings, Family Dances, Student Led Conferences, and more. But don’t wait for a special event to come in; you are welcome here anytime. Join us for assemblies, pop into the classroom to chat with the teacher, read a book to the class, help with a project, and see your child in action! We want everyone in the Eagle family to know that they matter and that they belong here.


Our mission of helping students achieve their academic potential is strengthened by our school goal this year of helping every child reach their personal math goals in numeracy. To reach this goal, we will continue to apply strategies that we applied to teaching excellence in reading comprehension such as flexible groupings, formative assessment, and student goal setting. We will also take steps to support improved achievement through the use of technology, engagement, and high attendance.


We look forward to helping students achieve their human potential as well as improve their capacity for mutual understanding, empathy, and mutual respect through a dedicated character and values education program: the Tipi Teachings. This resource helps us to explicitly teach and integrate values such as respect and gratitude.


After 15 years in education I can honestly say that making education the best it can be for each of our student’s means more to me than ever before. I am passionate about providing our students, and our entire school community with a school in which they can feel a genuine sense of belonging. A place where students feel safe, engaged, empowered, happy, and cared for. I believe we make this happen together through positive and meaningful relationships and learning experiences.


École Arthur Pechey Public School staff are committed to doing all we can to provide our students a great school. We believe this is something we can achieve by working together with you, our community. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns. Know that my door is always open.


We are so glad to share this school with you.




Brandi Sparboe


Relationships first, everything else second. ~Kayla Delzer