Grades 5-8

“Code Stars” – 9 min video that explains more about the future job possibilities for Coding.  (Career Education)

Grades 1-8 – 2 min Video  “The Hour of Code is here”


There are a lot of “games” that you can play to help you learn more about coding.  I think we should start with these ones:


Pairs / Sharing a laptop

Grade 1

(Paired with older students – reading support)

Grade 2

(Paired with older students – reading support)

Grades 3-6

Choose one of the following

Grade 7&8
1.Code Studio: Stage 3

2.Code Studio: Stage 4

1.Code Studio: Stage 2. THEN Choose one of the Grade 2 choices. 1. The Grinch

2. Moana

3.    Minecraft – 2nd Game

(Not the first NEW game.)

4. Flappy Bird

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 The Grinch


Minecraft – (2nd Game THEN the first NEW game.)

Flappy Bird

Star Wars

Create Your Own Sports Game

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1. Choose one from the previous selections.


*Students can choose their whichever one they would like AFTER they have completed one of the previous games.

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*All other “games” can be found here: